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Architectural Photography Sydney Australia


    When I was young, my dad used to drive our family from Sydney to the South Coast for a yearly vacation. We always headed down The Grand Parade, the great ribbon of road that skirts Botany Bay from Brighton LeSands to Sandringham. What I saw there, year after year awakened me to a world of space, form and light. I was entranced by the houses all set back from the road, sitting majestically in their surroundings, always in proportion to their environment. Bold flowing curves, large curtain windows and courageous use of materials forming simple, beautiful lines. Over time I came to not only observe these masterpieces of mid-20th century domestic architecture, but also to study and record them photographically. That childhood holiday road began a journey that has taken me to much of the world.

After graduating from Sydney College of the Arts with a BA in photography and sound, I moved overseas. I have lived in London, New York, Chicago and Paris and traveled extensively around Europe and the United States.

In the UK I was employed in the photography Department at the BBC. In America I worked on films such as ‘Enemies a Love Story’, directed by Paul Mazursky and with two time academy award winning cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski.  I trained in the Hedrich Blessing method of architectural photography in Chicago, which is considered the pinnacle of architectural photography in America.

My travels provided the opportunities to hone my craft, photographing some of man’s most glorious architectural achievements.

I photograph architecture because it is what I was meant to do.